Teaching Experience

Dissertation Seminar II for DrPH

Introduction to Business Statistics

Health Economics

Principles of Microeconomics

Principles of Macroeconomics

Selected Comments From Evaluations

"He's extremely helpful and will explain concepts over and over if need be. He has given several accessible resources to promote self learning, but is also personable and seems to enjoy office hours to help his students. Overall a very comfortable professor to approach and seems eager to get his career going."

"He consistently explained the material well, even though a lot of the other students had a hard time with some concepts I thought. I think Professor Fazlul is an excellent instructor who definitely knows the material and how to explain it. He had great time management even when there were hiccups with his equipment also."

"Very knowledgeable. He was very clear as to what was on the test and reviewed very well. He also was very helpful with homework and explaining everything in detail. He seemed to want us all to succeed and always made it clear we could come to him with any questions and was always available to help."

"Professor Ishtiaque was great at explaining and teaching the material. In class, he used a mix of lecturing and examples to make sure the class was on the right track. He is very hands on and explained content by writing on the board and encouraging class participation. I also liked the way he did problem sets. By not grading them by accuracy, we are able to make mistakes while practicing without it hurting our grade, and later going back and being able to fix and learn from our mistakes."

"Professor Fazlul explains concepts in depth, and draws them out on the board for everyone to be able to see. He speaks clearly and is always able to re–explain something if you need it. He creates a comfortable class environment and does not make it feel like a competition."

"I like that he goes through the problems step by step that way I am able to understand the topics better. He responds quickly to me in emails and he is good at explaining a student's misconceptions in class."

"He got the job done. He was very organized. He had the entire class day planned out before we got to class. I liked the organization he did with everything as well as his explanations in lectures."