Ishtiaque Fazlul

Clinical Assistant Professor of Economics (Research), Kennesaw State University


I am an applied microeconomist working on topics related to education and health. Some of the research topics I am currently working on include the measurement of student poverty and disadvantage in the K-12 space, the determinants of Advanced Placement (AP) course and exam-taking behavior, and the effects of the Affordable Care Act and its various components on insurance coverage and coverage disparity.

Before starting my current job as a research-intensive Clinical Assistant Professor at KSU, I was a postdoctoral fellow in the Economics Department at the University of Missouri and worked on projects related to US K-12 policy using Missouri's education microdata. Prior to that, I finished my PhD in Economics from Georgia State University where I was a graduate research assistant for the Georgia Policy Labs (GPL), a collaboration between Georgia State University and a number of government agencies and school districts to promote evidence-based policy development. Before graduate school, I was a research associate at Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA).


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Working Papers

  • Ishtiaque Fazlul, Cory Koedel, and Eric Parsons "A New Framework for Identifying At-Risk Students in Public Schools" Under Review (Link)

  • Ishtiaque Fazlul, Cory Koedel, and Eric Parsons "Free and reduced-price meal eligibility does not measure student poverty: Evidence and policy significance." R&R from Economics of Education Review (Link)

  • Puneet Arora, Ishtiaque Fazlul, and Tareena Musaddiq "Can recognition nudge for teachers and principals improve student performance? Evidence from a field experiment in India." Applied Economiocs Letters (Forthcoming)

  • Ishtiaque Fazlul “Inter-generational Effects of Education on Health: Evidence from a Secondary School Stipend Program” (Link)

External Grants

  • Co-PI (with Rachel Anderson, Alexandra Ball, Cory Koedel, and Eric Parsons). Walton Family Foundation. Measuring Student Disadvantage in the Era of the Community Eligibility Provision (18 months, $146,000)

Policy Papers

  • Henry Woodyard, Tim Sass, and Ishtiaque Fazlul. (2022). "The Efficacy of School-Based Georgia Pre-K Program Sites." Metro Atlanta Policy Lab for Education (MAPLE), Georgia Policy Labs.

  • Ishtiaque Fazlul, Cory Koedel, Eric Parsons, and Cheng Qian. (2021). "Bridging the Covid Divide: How States Can Measure Student Achievement Growth in the Absence of 2020 Test Scores." Fordham Institute. (Link)

  • Ishtiaque Fazlul, Todd Jones & Jonathan Smith. (2020). "Taking Advanced Placement Courses but Not the Exam." Metro Atlanta Policy Lab for Education (MAPLE), Georgia Policy Labs. (Link)

Media Exposure

  • Op-ed at Atlanta Journal Constitution's (AJC) education blog "Georgia should pay for more AP exams for students." March 2022. (Link)

  • Podcast at Fordham Institute's "The Education Gadfly Show" titled "Another reason we need to test students in 2021." January 2021. (Link)